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Hello … The new site can be found at

Hola … La nueva pagina se encuentra en


I will be guiding a “playshop” at this years Mayan New Years Eve Festival.

Learn more about the PlayShop at

More information regarding the event in the following flyers …

I invite everyone to come to this event and watch me butterfly down the Anaconda catwalk

A couple of weekends ago, I took part as a teacher in a circus workshop for children living in Providencia. My workshop was dedicated to balancing on the slack rope. Some of the children were able to balance lying on the rope!

This week I have been teaching circus classes in El Mirador College, San Ramon, on the outskirts of Santiago. The 40 minute bike ride from home to the school has been a treat, discovering some amazing giant murals colourfully brought to us by AISLAP, ADEP, AGOTOK and other Chilean graffiti crews.
In the classes we have experimented with body articulation, coordination and dissociation, as a form to prepare the individual body and the group´s collective energy for practising circus skills with an acuter sense of concentration and ability.

Last night, I rode my bicycle, no hands, from Vitacura to Bellavista. This morning, I rode my unicycle, no hands, on the slack rope! Now to learn how to get on the unicycle, on the slack rope, without the supporting rope??

Yesterday, I lay in bed, replaying the performance from the night before, in my imagination. Yesterday, the clouds rained, dampening both my mood and the streets, all day long. This morning, I awoke with a little feeling, that manifested itself fully, this afternoon. I was ambushed by the desire I had been awaiting since the Chilean Circus Convention, “to unicycle on the slack rope”. Its not perfect yet, but I am delighted with the progress! Here are some photos.

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Photos taken by Nick Charlesworth at Circo De Mundo in the Jornada Circense a Luka Variety Show on June 6 2010.

TiTo performing in english and in pantyhose at the 1st Anniversary of Escuela Fronteras in Santiago, Chile. TiTo actuando en ingles y en pantis en el primer aniversario de la Escuela Fronteras, en Santiago, Chile